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Our Mission is to cater to the specific scrap metal needs of our customers and, at the same time, to expand our sourcing points by creating strategic alliances with our key suppliers to best create value for our clients. We want to generate value for all our stakeholders by making the most optimal use of all available resources and opportunities in an ethical, lawful and efficient manner.


Our mission further extends into our external environment, and our commitment to work together with our business partners, community organizations and interested stakeholders to improve our environmental quality and progress towards a clean and safer place to live and work for our future generations.


In order to achieve high growth and success for our various business concerns, ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C has combined specialized synergies and resources to become a most preferred partner in our client network.


Our Vision to actively pursue long lasting relationships by partnering with our customers providing quality service built upon integrity, honesty, and professionalism and stand committed in meeting our employees and customers needs by exceeding their expectations.

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