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scrap metal trader

ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C historical and future success is grounded in our collective commitment to our core values.  These values include customers, efficiency, respect, teamwork, accountability, innovation and integrity.


At the foundation of these values is total, unyielding integrity. We are committed as an organization to the highest ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.


ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C is a dynamic, customer-driven organization. While we are constantly changing and driving to provide innovative solutions for our customers, our drive for success must always be grounded in unyielding and unchanging commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.


Our reputation for honesty and reliable business conduct is tested and proven in each business transaction we make. All of us who represent ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C in any position or capacity must be personally committed to follow the letter and the spirit of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. All ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C leaders, including myself, have the additional responsibility of nurturing a culture in which compliance with this Code is constant and unwavering. It is, and must be, the way we work.

Unethical, dishonest and questionable behaviour will not be tolerated. We must operate in an environment of the utmost integrity and honesty.




CEO and Member of the Board

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