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ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C, is an International Scrap Trading Company based in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E). The company was branched out in 2019 from the mother company SIDQI MOHD METAL SCRAP TRADING which operated in Sharjah from 2004-2019. Founded on the principles of quality, honesty, integrity and versatility, ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C has grown to be one of the most trusted names in U.A.E. for supplying a wide range of metal scrap and spare parts.


ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C has created a niche in the scrap trading industry within a couple of years of establishment and has met client expectations in terms of premium grade of metal scrap. Recycled metals provided by ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C are more cost-effective and, in some cases, better alternative to raw metals.


ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C believes in the importance of sustainability. Our beliefs forces us to preserve the environment and help build a better environment for future generations. The recycling of scrap metal by ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C conserves natural resources, reduces mineral extraction, allows metal to be reused in the manufacturing industry, reduces landfill, saves energy and reduces greenhouses emissions. At ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C, we are committed to continuously improve production to enhance our efficiency and the quality of our product while minimizing the impact of our operation on the environment. We are an innovative and responsive company, utilizing the latest technology in metal recycling to make our metal management system the most efficient, safe and environment friendly that it can be.


ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C maintains a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from multi-national corporations to one-time customers. It has always been the thumb rule of the management of ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C that every customer is an integral part of business success and thus receives the best possible service from one or many of our highly trained staff. ALREZEQ METALS TRADING L.L.C experience is like none other and the commitment to clients show in the long-standing business relationships worldwide. Our competitive strengths are our supply center, our customer base, our commitment to quality and our experienced management team. If you are also looking for a reliable partner to help you source materials, we are just a call away.

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